Cursed Forever



Cursed Forever synopsis:

Cursed by a witch, selfish Sweet Lolita Ichika is followed everywhere she goes by a strange doll. When the doll murders Ichika’s best friend Tomomi, Ichika realizes the doll is alive and tries to warn others but no one believes her. Now Ichika must undo the curse to save her live before the doll claims another victim.


Nayu Kazetani (風谷南友)

Ichika Tanaka

Nayu Kazetani is a Japanese actress and voice actor based in Tokyo, Japan. She got her start in acting as a voice actor for the Anime movie Hikawa Maru Monogatari.

She has been in many TV dramas and theatrical performances, including two theatrical films, "Omiokuri" and “L❤️DK under one roof." She also appeared in a promotional video for Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture.

Nayu is the winner of the 12th Miss Ono Komachi Grand Prix and the first “Princess of the Game” at Akiu Shrine in Sendai, Japan, where she preforms monthly. She currently belongs to Waja Next talent agency.


Lisa Chonan (長南吏砂)

Tomomi Yakumura

Lisa Chonan is a model and actress from Kyoto currently based in Tokyo, spending countless hours perfecting her craft. Director Joel Smith noticed and incredible energy and charisma during the casting of his film 怨恨 - Cursed Forever and did not hesitate in hiring Lisa for the role as Tomomi.


Lisa other works include Red Light District (2021), DRUG (2020), and Bungakuza (文学座卒業公演) (2004).


Keita Arai (新井敬太) 

Officer Riku Ito

Award-winning actor Keita Arai is credited in hugely successful productions such as The Outsider (2018), Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! (2020) and Signal: The Movie (2021).

Originally from Saitama, Japan Keita is a fluent English speaker, Jeet Kune Do master, hip-hop dance teacher and is skilled in Iai style sword fighting.


He is currently managed by Sony Music Artists Inc. Follow him and watch cool Samurai videos on, Instagram and YouTube.


Kenichi Iwabuchi (岩渕健一)

Kentaro Tanaka

Kenichi Iwabuchi is a director, writer, producer and actor in Japan and the US. As a director, his film, Tengu (2013), won Best short film in The Los Angeles Thriller Film festival and others. As a writer, he wrote Crimson Pledge (2014) in Japanese and screened not only in Japan but also in Hollywood. As an actor, he played one of the leading roles in Interwoven (2016), starring Mo'Nique, Academy Award winner in Precious. He also wrote and produced Phase Q (2020), which is still under pre-production.


Takako Tanahashi (棚橋 孝子)

Sunako Saito

Takako Tanahashi also known as Sniper TAKAKO is a Japanese film, television and theatre actress originally from Osaka, Japan.


She started training in theatre at 8 years old and hasn’t stopped creating art since.

Currently she is a personal masseuse and physical therapist in Tokyo, Japan. She is certified by Japan Aroma Environment Association and has worked as a long-term care welfare worker at home care and elderly care welfare facilities for 11 years.


Hico Oshiro (大城規彦)  

Eito Nakamura

Originally from Japan, Hico was raised up with a wonderful family who he is always thinking of. Hico’s theater credits include “1,934 Days” at the Roy Arias Theater, “A Doctor In Spite of Himself” with Bent Quill Players, and “The Heist Show” in Los Angeles. Hico’s film work includes “The Entitled” (Oh Good Productions), “The Finding” (Wave Particle Films),“The Landlord” and “Hypnocus Pocused”, for which he won best acting award for CUNUFF. Hico always appreciates the people involved with him, and likes to say “I love life.”


Yusuke Miyawaki (宮脇 友輔)

Keiji Tashiro

Yusuke Miyawaki is an actor and comedian originally from Hiroshima, Japan known for his work on films like Colonel Panics, The Lovers in Tenroku, TV series like, Railway Investigator and commercials for Sukima Family Konami Baseball and Panasonic. Though he has a comedian background he is a man of many faces and isn’t afraid to try something new.


During his free time Yusuke likes to Ski, play poll, play guitar, and drive cars.


Cursed Forever Soundtrack


1. Aurora - 3:28

2. Chase Sequence - 2:21

3. Main Theme - 3:05

4. Murmurismo - 3:05

5. Two Cranes - 1:50

6. The Fever - 3:24

7. Monoxide Club - 2:52

8. Finale - 3:08

9. Main Theme (Itesa Remix) - 5:29


Cursed Forever Artwork

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